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INDN 110a and 120b, Elementary Indonesian I and II. Indriyo Sukmono
An introductory course in standard Indonesian with emphasis on developing communicative skills through systematic survey of grammar and graded exercises. Introduction to reading in the second term, leading to mastery of language patterns, essential vocabulary, and basic cultural competence. 1.5 Course cr

INDN 130a and 140b, Intermediate Indonesian I and II. Dinny Risri Aletheiani
Continued practice in colloquial Indonesian conversation and reading and discussion of texts. (After INDN 120 or equivalent) 1.5 Course cr

INDN 150a and 160b, Advanced Indonesian. Indriyo Sukmono, Dinny Risri Aletheiani
Development of speaking, listening, writing, and grammar skills to an advanced level. A semi-directed study in which the focus of the course depends on the research interests of the students.
Prerequisite: INDN 140 or equivalent.

INDN 170a, Advanced Indonesian: Special Topics. Indriyo Sukmono
Continuatin of INDN 160, advancing communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Prerequisite: INDN160 or equivalent and permission of the instructor.

INDN 180b, Research and Creative Project on Indonesia.  Dinny Risri Aletheiani
Continuation of INDN 170.  Expansion of communicative competence through completion of research projects: weekly oral and written presentations, journal, and final research paper.

INDN 470a, and 471b Independent Tutorial. Indriyo Sukmono, Dinny Risri Aletheiani
For undergraduate students with advanced Indonesian language skills who wish to engage in concentrated reading and research on material not otherwise offered in courses. The work must be supervised by an adviser and must terminate in a term paper or its equivalent. (Prerequisites: completion of Advanced Indonesian, Permission of instructor/submission of project proposal)

INDN 560 a/b, Readings in Indonesian. Indriyo Sukmono, Dinny Risri Aletheiani
For graduate students with advanced Indonesian language skills preparing for academic performance and/or research purposes. (Prerequisite: INDN 160 or equivalent; permission of the instructor)